Signal API

The Signal Service is a component at the service layer of the BDK which aims to cover the Signal part of the REST API documentation. More precisely:

How to use

The central component for the Signal Service is the SignalService class. This class exposes the user-friendly service APIs which serve all the services mentioned above and is accessible from the SymphonyBdk object by calling the signals() method:

public class Example {
  public static final String SIGNAL_ID = "MY_SIGNAL_ID";

  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    // Create BDK entry point
    final SymphonyBdk bdk = new SymphonyBdk(loadFromClasspath("/config.yaml"));

    // Get signal details
    SignalService signals = bdk.signals();
    Signal signal = signals.getSignal(SIGNAL_ID);"Signal details: " + signal);