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Symphony BDK Reference Documentation

This reference guide provides detailed information about the Symphony BDK. It provides a comprehensive documentation for all features and abstractions made on top of the Symphony REST API.

If you are just getting started with Symphony Bot developments, you may want to begin reading the Getting Started guide.

The reference documentation consists of the following sections:

Section Description
Getting Started Introducing Symphony BDK for beginners
Migration Guide Guide to migrate to Symphony BDK 2.0
Configuration Configuration structure, formats, how to load from code
Authentication RSA or certificate authentication, OBO, extension app authentication
Fluent API Java Fluent API usage
Message API Sending or searching messages, usage of templates
Datafeed Loop Receiving real time events
Activity API The Activity Registry, creating custom activities
Extending the BDK How to use or develop BDK extensions

Spring Boot

Getting Started guides are also available for Spring Boot:

Technical Documentation

You can find an overview of the BDK Architecture here.